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Photo Booth Package

Have your ideas heard and adapted towards what you want. Our photo booth prints a 2x6 or 4x6 photo size, and you also have the choice of a customized picture print out designed for your event. Also, included with photo booth package is unlimited prints for four hours. In addition, an on site attendant will be present to assure your photo booth service is running smoothly. 

Included With Package

  • Print Size 

Choose the option to have photos printed as a 2x6 or 4x6 strip.


2 x 6


4 x 6


It is important to choose Darkroom Booth for the Photo Booth software when choosing your template design through the link provided. Please call us if you need help.

  • Receive A Copy Of All Photos

At the end of your event, you will get a copy of all the photos on a USB drive. In addition, you and your guests will be able to access photo booth photos 24 hours after your event online using the link we will provide.

  • Choice Of Design

You have the choice of having a customized template designed by us for your event, or you can choose from the following options available through Click on the nearby image to browse their template designs.



  • Plenty Of Props

Several different props available to choose from for you and your guests. Many different masks, hats, glasses, and other fun stuff.


Photo Booth Setup

Photo Booth Setup
Photo Booth Setup

Our photo booth is an open booth walk-in setup, and it's great for small/large group photos. We offer a selection of different curtain backgrounds (including green screen).

Photo Booth Gallery

Click on the attached image below to view all the photos from our photo booth events.


New Years Photo Booth
Sepia Photo Example
Black & Grey Photo Example
Gold Glitter Backdrop W/Green Screen
Smoke Backdrop With Green Screen
Black Backdrop With Green Screen
Silver Curtain Backdrop
Gold Curtain Backdrop
Flower & Beach With Green Screen
Graduation 4x6 Template
Basic 4x6 Template
Flower Design 4x6 Template
White Backdrop With Green Screen
Star Backdrop With Green Screen
Green Screen Backdrop Photo

The following gallery contains pictures from our photo booth events. Enjoy browsing our gallery!

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